Greetings. thank you for visiting my portfolio!


I'm now over sixteen years into agency content production, and I've produced branded film, video, audio and animated content for every type of channel.  Massive, car stunt, visual-effects TV spots.  Micro-budget social videos.  Animated movie theater trailers.  360° experience content.  And everything in between.

I'm a storyteller at heart.  Great creative concepts are my muse.  "A good story, well told", that's the goal.  I believe my team has the right to my honest opinion.  No challenge has dampened my passion for bringing great ideas to life.

Aside from the ad agency, I've worked as either 1st or 2nd Assistant Director on a whole bunch of music videos.  Check out my music video page.

I've written, directed, produced, and acted in shorts.  Films, not the pants.  But a lot of time on set was in shorts, doing almost every job on a film set, either for money or for sandwiches.  

As an actor you might see me in the background of Disney's Oz The Great And Powerful, or Warner Brothers' Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of JusticeThat is, if you don't blink.

I'm a singer songwriter.  In a former life, I had long hair and played in a band with other guys who had long hair.  In this life, you can find me in Atlanta, Georgia.  In a well-worn canoe, holding an old guitar, with a rescued poodle, and a beautiful actress.  Or you could...


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